Paul Rodriguez and Sneakerheads2020 will give up another collaboration, in the “What P-Rod” version, to celebrate the past P-Rod signature color matching. If any skates helped Nike Sb get to where they are today, it would be Paul Rodriguez. As one of the well-known figures in the skating world, P-Rod has owned Nike SB from the beginning and has been a brand spokesperson for a long time. During this time, the skater also saw quite a few of his own cooperative signature shoes, and now celebrates all in a pair of kicks through the theme of “what”. This kick is drawn from his signature shoe series, as well as some of his personal designs from his P-Rod line.

Nike’s 2021 Air Steam Max has been busy recently, appearing in the pick of new color matching devices. Now, the new silhouette will be released in a sleek “gray neon” color combination many people will enjoy. 2021Sneakers Taking the already impressive 2020 version and making it better, Air VaporMax 2021 gave some small adjustments and changes to last year’s silhouette, making this year’s probably the best ever. One of the main fan’s favorite changes is that the FlyEase strapping system has finally been a traditional one, creating a cleaner and more wearable version. This color channel uses gray flying knit design, with toe caps, heel pieces, Nike Swoosh and VaporMax tongue brands with gray tones superimposed and neon accents. The new version ends with a clear Air unit outer pad, highlighted by polished details.

New Release Yeezy Boost 350 has been using Yeezy to boost 350 v2 for a long time and releases a large number of color combinations every season. Although the schemes themselves are somewhat different, there has been little change in the architecture since the silhouette was first unveiled. However, later this year, we will finally witness a real subversion, as the upper part is about to add visible cages. Close to v3, because we will always get, the new design imagines the Yeez flagship in a whole new way. The side stripes that often laid the contours disappeared: in its place, the knitting is more single-note, and the light gray outline supports the bottom layer. The darker shade reminds people of the latter’s opening, creating a unique pattern that is more sci-fi than any previous product of the brand. The heel is pulled back to the thick webbing, the sole seems to give up the extra outsole, and the lace supplement lining is nearby.

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