New Air Force 1 Shadow Got Bracelet Charms To The Swoosh

From pendants to sofa-shaped pendants, Nike can take the risk of buying “shoe jewelry” to upgrade fans’ favorite silhouettes. This summer, the Beaverton-based brand launched an New Air Force 1 shade with an interesting, clip-on enamel charm, and references the equally interesting “Enjoy Nike Day” brand. The women’s exclusive AirForce1 series uses a white smooth leather foundation with light beige stitching and cladding to create a classic layered aesthetic. In order to add some brightness, the side shoes, tongue label and heel label can be seen in neon yellow. The side Swoosh on the side has a row of five perforations, which can cut the charm. By default, the pair of shoes will be equipped with four colorful alphabetic characters, and there is another classic “Have Nike Day” smiley enamel charm. These detachable charms provide wearers with an easy way to personalize their shoes, in line with the current DIY trend.

Cheap 2020 Jordans,ᾏIn addition to the widely acclaimed two-tone combination, NikeBlazerMid’77 has also seen some bold and experimental attempts since it rejoined the brand’s main line in 2017. This latest garment combines these two categories because the main “white” layout has zebra patterns. Unlike the low dunk “giraffe” that hasn’t been launched before, the upcoming pair will separate its animal-related patterns from the side swirls and heel base. Smooth leather chooses to enter a “colorless” aesthetic on the rest of the upper part, similar to the starting style in the middle of the suit. The labels on the tongue have followed suit, giving up their retro “flash crimson” talent. The sole cushion is the latest design of NikeSportsweer.

Buy Jordan Soles,As one of the most precious original colors of NikeAirMaxPlus, the “Olympics” will return in 2021, and we will see the official pictures. As early as the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, this famous color fell for the first time, combining patriotic comet red, obsidian navy and white, while injecting winning gold medals on the upper slope, toe cap and mid-foot slope. . However, one detail that Nike continues to ignore during the reissue is the color of the internal air unit; these official pictures show pure red, while in fact the first pair used a matching golden hue. The same problem also exists in the 2020 AirMaxTriax96 “Olympics”. Reebok has prepared this question for the warm summer and their method of concentration. In addition to the “Green Toe” issue released on May 14, the “Gray Toe” version has been confirmed on the release date calendar for May 28. With the standard white leather upper structure, Reebok is gray in the shoe box and heel, while the translucent outsole appears to be slightly smoky tones.

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